Rada podle Fugees

If I should fall asleep and death takes me away
Don’t be surprised son, I wasn’t put here to stay
At night the evil armies of shaton don’t play
So the family stick together and we never betray.

We used to jump rope,
But now we gun hope
Bustin‘ shots off of project roof tops
Sending signals with the blunt smoke.
Ock, don’t talk a lot if you can’t hold it in lock
If you think lips sink ships,
Imagine full glock clips.
I hold a glass of remy martin
Gettin‘ milks by the carton

Extortin‘ the light weights for thinkin‘ they important
The night pays and heavenly ways
Ain’t nothin! free ah
Knowledge of your family and steppin‘ to your b.i.
You see i, stay on top of s*** like a fly
My niggas reach when they got beef
Then jet down to south beach
Yo mouthpiece is yappin‘
I hear it in your rap and
My family is thick so that bulls*** could never happen.

Just walkin‘ the streets death can take you away
It’s never guaranteed that you’ll see the next day
At night the evil armies of shaton don’t play
So defend the family that’s the code to obey

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